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Learn How We Provide Professional Kubernetes Services

What is Kubernetes



Why is Kubernetes Needed

Kubernetes is a container orchestration tool allowing you to manage your containerized application in your production environment.

What is Docker

Docker is a set of platform as a service products that use OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers. Containers are isolated from one another and bundle their own software, libraries and configuration files; they can communicate with each other through well-defined channels.

Historically, each one of your production applications were hosted on individual Bare Metal Machines. With the advent of Virtual Machines it became possible to run many operating systems on a single bare metal machine. With the number of physical machines reduced , Virtual Machines help reduce the technology footprint of your organization.


Automated Deployments and Rollbacks

Kubernetes can automatically Deploy your application to your production environments. Kubernetes can also rollback your changes in your environments in the case of any bugs in your application.

Load Balancing Integration With Any Cloud Provider

Kubernetes can integrate with any major cloud provider and provide load balancing capabilities.

Self Healing using Kubernetes Probes

Kubernetes deploys liveliness and Readiness pods to check if Kubernetes Pods are alive and in the desired state. Kubernetes then can redeploy the container on another pod automatically for you.

Horizontal Pod Autoscaling

Kubernetes will automatically scale the number of pods of your application depending on your CPU Utilization, Storage, or any custom metric.


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We provide in-depth training where your engineers Will work with on real world use cases of Kubernetes This training includes optional homework sessions to ensure That your engineers get a good grasp of all the material

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We provide an in-depth Migration and Cloud Migration Services to help port your monoliths over to microservices running on Kubernetes

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We provide Level 1 Support for your organization to ensure your Kubernetes Deployments are always up and running


Tailored Kubernetes Roadmap

Create a custom Cloud Native roadmap tailored to your organizations Level of experience using Kubernetes

Quick Onboarding of Your Developers

Finely Tuned Kubernetes Deployment

We can help you implement Kubernetes on your On-premise bare-metals environment, virtual machines Or on Azure, GCP and AWS

Offload all our Kubernetes knowledge to your developers, System administrator and staff to ensure a smooth transition


We have Subject Matter Experts who are ready to help you with your Kubernetes Digital Transformation

Kubernetes Network Specialist

Kubernetes Administrator

Project Manager

Account Manager

Looking for a better understanding of the required tasks, expected duration, and effort required for your Kubernetes adoption journey?

Schedule a Kubernetes Roadmap Session Today!


Looking For Training?

Let our Experts and Engineers Train you through Instructor Led Classes, Homework's and More

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