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Kubernetes Observability and Centralized Logging:  Understand how to collect metrics, logs and traces in your Kubernetes Cluster in order to identify problems.

Kubernetes Networking Basics: Enforce Network Policy rules to ensure that your applications are always protected

Kubernetes Application Management: Deploy A/B Testing to test performance between different version of your applications 


Solid Understanding of Docker Containers, Docker Volumes and Docker Networking

Solid Understanding of Linux Command Line Interface

After the Course

After this Introductory Class you will Know How to:

Deploy a containerized production grade web application using Kubernetes

Rollout and Rollback changes in your web application

Showcase real world use cases of Self Healing Capabilities, Horizontal scaling and Storage Orchestration

Use Istio to configure a service mesh with several micro services

Deploy A/B Testing strategies and Canary Rollouts with Istio

Understand how to monitor traffic in your Kubernetes environment using Observability and Logging Tools

Kubernetes Observability Tool



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