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Understand core container concepts and how containers are useful to your organization

How to Containerize and Podify Production grade applications

Explore How Your Engineers Can Leverage Kubernetes Self Healing Capabilities

Explore Kubernetes Secret Management Features

Learn How To Rollback Kubernetes deployments in case of errors

Discover real world examples on how your Kubernetes cluster will horizontally scale under an increase in traffic


Basic Linux administration skills

After the Course

After this Introductory Class you will Know How to:

Deploy containers and Pods using Docker and Kubernetes.

Build a scalable real world web application with storage provisioned on a cloud provider.

Understand how to mount Docker Volumes on any cloud provider storage solution.

Rollout and Rollback changes in your web application.

Showcase real world use cases of Self Healing Capabilities, Horizontal scaling and Storage Orchestration



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Registering For Course and Access Info

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